Guide To Homeschooling – How To Start With Homeschooling

To homeschool or not to homeschool is a tough choice a parent has to decide on. And once the decision of homeschooling your child has been made, the next step is to start homeschooling and to start it right.

Let us say for example that given the advantages and disadvantages of homeschooling, after having considered the amount of work, creativity and patience it requires from the parent, you decide that homeschooling is, indeed, what your child needs, you ask the next question: What are the things you need to do and to find out once you have decided to homeschool your child?

First and foremost, prepare the home environment. Make the necessary physical re-arrangements and organization of areas where your child can study in. Set up a schedule for your lessons by day or by week. It is also important to start developing a record system for your child’s progress within the year, and for possible state requirements on homeschooling.

Next, find out these homeschooling requirements. Usually, different states have different homeschooling requirements. It is helpful to get in touch and join a homeschooling support group in your area to help you along with the necessary information on the state requirements for homeschooling. Homeschooling support groups is also advisable for when you need to expose your child to educational trips and tours to museums, libraries, zoos, as usually, parents from your homeschooling support group will plan these outings together for their children.

Choose a curriculum and homeschooling method for your child. At the beginning, a parent usually dabbles between different homeschooling methods for the child. But as the year progresses on, the parent may narrow the child’s homeschooling methods based on the child’s learning style and learning ability, and based on the child’s positive response to a method.

Know what resources you need for the year. As parents, the responsibility of knowing beforehand the books, materials and homeschooling supplies you might need for the entire year rests solely on your hands. But as mentioned, things become a lot easier with a homeschooling support group, with a sensible parental head between your shoulders, with a nurturing heart, and with time.