Some Basic Homeschool Information

Thinking about going the homeschooling route? I’m not aware of any official homeschooling text book for parents that are out yet. So, here are some basic answers that you may have in the beginning. The reasons for homeschooling are as varied as the number of families now homeschooling. So with the reasons for homeschooling now behind us, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of homeschooling as we move forward.

A home school schedule allows for the family to be together a much greater portion of the day and this leads to stronger family relationships and this generally will continue right through the sometimes difficult teen years. Also, when parents spend the entire day around their child they are much more in tune with the child’s thoughts and feelings. Behavioral issues can be intercepted and addressed at a much earlier stage. Also, by using your homeschool schedule and your own homeschool lesson plan, you can spend more time in areas that your child needs more work before moving on. This is a definite drawback of the public system.

One area to explore and become familiar with in the pre homeschool stage is your local state laws. In a nutshell, in some states it is very easy to satisfy homeschooling requirements, while in others it is not so easy. Either way, do a little research on this subject because you must be familiar with whatever the home school mandates are for your area.

When it comes to homeschool curriculum many parents generally try to purchase textbooks and materials they need. There are hundreds of resources available to you on the subject of curriculum. One reminder would be not to overlook the idea of finding what you need in the used books and curriculum arena. A quick search of the internet will find you many resources.

And finally, looking down the road a bit…. What about college? A very large number of home schooled have and are attending colleges. Once you get underway or as soon as you feel you may have a direction on a college, simply contact the college and see if they have any specific rules or requirements concerning home schooled children.

I think the biggest reason to homeschool your child of all is that it is a wonderful experience. The immense amount of pride and satisfaction you will receive from this accomplishment is beyond compare.